Barbara Smith


Child Psychotherapist

Why I Work at CAMHS

I have worked with young people throughout my career. They amaze me with their spirit, their humour, and their ability to 'bounce back' from difficult situations. Working in CAMHS gives me opportunitiesto meet so many inspirational young people (the grown ups are OK too!)

My Skills and Interests

I’ve trained in a wide range of models over the years (and trained many of the city’s counsellors working as a lecturer).  I work with CBT, Transactional Analysis, EMDR and Client Centred Psychotherapy.  I do a lot of work with older adolescents.

I have a PhD in cross-cultural psychotherapy. Diversity and international work are of particular interest to me.

A Bit About Me

I am a volunteer with the British Red Cross supporting people impacted by disasters (earthquakes, aircrashes etc.)  I worked in the Maldive Islands for two years teaching psychotherapy.

I failed the 11+ and I am a firewalker.