Audrey Oppenheim


Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Why I Work at CAMHS

I really like working with children, young people, their carers, parents & families to improve relationships, develop communication and reduce distress. I understand that problems are often complex and long standing. I know that school provides opportunities to study, learn new skills and make friends but can also be a source of pressure and tension.

I hope we can provide another perspective which helps to reduce the problems young people and families experience at home, school and in the community.

My Skills and Interests

I have a real interest in Family Therapy.  I have responsibilities within CAMHS in relation to psychiatric assessments and the use of medication. I take a lead in keeping up-to-date about the law and mental health.

A Bit About Me

I like eating out and reading recipes but I have very little time available to actually cook! I do like going on holiday as long as I can sit by a pool, reading my kindle.