Anandhi Inbasagaran


Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Why I Work at CAMHS

I have always felt that one can make a difference much more, if we work with children and young people, as their mental well-being shapes their future and the future of the community. I enjoy working in CAMHS, as we work with children and their families.

My Skills and Interests

My interests and skills include a growing understanding of the diagnosis and management of mental health difficulties associated with autistic spectrum disorder. I am also interested in solution focussed approaches that help young people draw on their unique strengths and being empowered towards emotional and mental well-being.

A Bit About Me

I used to work with street children when I was younger and learned how they lived in the moment, and dealt with enormous difficulties in their lives. I developed an interest in spirituality then, and now, practice mindfulness and breathing yoga techniques, and attempt to run and cook mindfully!