You Would Like to...

Get Some Positive Vibes

You have more strength than you could know

Try repeating these statements over and over to yourself.  If you would like to share some positive vibes, tweet your #positivevibes to @freshCAMHS and we will share your positivity here

Try It at Home

If your device doesn’t support the activity above or you are away from your device you could try the following stuff to get and give some positivity…

Be your own cheerleader

Spend a moment to think up a phrase that you know is true about you  or you would want to be true.  It might be something like “I am strong/brave/powerful/clever/awesome/confident/important/loved”.

Put this phrase somewhere where you will see it often.  That might be your mirror, beside your bed or in your bag.  Make sure that when you see it (or remember it) to say it in your head or outloud as if you mean it.  The things that we think about ourselves are really powerful…take time to fill yourself with some positive vibes.

What goes around comes around

Positivity is like a boomerang and often when you make a decision to put good stuff out into the world it ends up coming back to you.  Even if it doesn’t come back right away, it’s always a good thing to be kind and positive towards our fellow human beings (and animal friends if you have any!)

Each day set yourself a target to do a few nice things, say a few kind words and make a few people’s world a little brighter.  Saying thank you, smiling at people and giving genuine compliments can be good places to start…