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Distract Yourself

Try It at Home

If your device doesn’t support the activity on this page or you just want some other ways to distract yourself then you could try some of the things below.


Try turning a simple, square piece of paper into something awesome with origami skills

Make a Bucket List

You could put a scrap book together that has a description of all the cool things you want to do.  Come back to it and add to it over time.  Or just come back to it and daydream about all of the adventures you could have.  Plan your perfect holiday.  Plan you perfect wardrobe. Plan your dream bedroom. Plan plan plan and make room to chase your dreams!

Corners or Colours or Whiskers on Kittens

Something quick and easy to do that might help distract you is counting.  Now you could just count to ten but where is the fun in that? Pick a topic and count what you see.  You could count all of the corners in the room (including corners of desks, windows, tiles etc..). You could count all the different shades of green you see in a day.  You could even count how many whiskers or scales your pet has… Taking your mind off what is going on inside your brain can be helpful.  Particularly when you are feeling anxious: focussing on the real world around you can help to calm your mind.